You can keep your cool; leave the nerdy stuff to us. Check out some reasons why below.


We love what we do. Our passion is contagious, so be prepared to be reinvigorated.


We don't mess around. There are no coffee breaks on your dime. We treat your money like it's our own.


We know AmeriCommerce. We know other stuff too, but we really know AmeriCommerce.


We save websites. We also will save your sanity by coming to the rescue and fixing your issues.

Meet The Team

Jackie Apshire

Internet Head

To say I'm a “developer” simply is not accurate. I'm a solution provider, and I absolutely love what I do!

There is nothing better than helping clients reach their full business potential through developing creative solutions that meet their growing needs.

For well over a decade I've been creating applications, with 3 years of that being part of the actual AmeriCommerce development team and additional 6 years working closely with them as a consultant.

As part of their team I worked on just about every area of the system, with some of the more notable features being product groups, rewards, subscriptions & split payments.

One thing I can say with certainty, if there is a way to make it happen – I will find it for you!


Jackie has been developing on the AmeriCommerce platform since 2007.


Brian has been selling on AmeriCommerce since 2007.


We work directly with the big-wigs at AmeriCommerce and other companies.


We've been helping AmeriCommerce customers grow their eCommerce businesses for years.


We are ready to plug you in and give you the boost that your business is looking for!

Brian Gluck

Internet Head

With over 10 years of experience managing eCommerce projects and business units, I've had the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty in almost every function.

I am not just a consultant, I am also an eCommerce merchant, running my stores exclusively on AmeriCommerce.

My experience as an eCommerce merchant enables me to work with clients on both a technical and strategic level.

I understand the business needs of our eCommerce clients and work with them to maximize efficiency and profitability.


Brian Gluck has been a valued and successful partner and integrator for years and brings a very diverse skill set to the table that includes a deep understanding of internet commerce, business processes, marketing for the web and familiarity with AmeriCommerce and other vendor platforms. This ability to see the big picture is the key to success and Brian puts this expertise to good use for his clients and with us. He is an influencer of change, an idea man, a streamliner of difficult things and overall just a great guy.  With all of that in mind, I do not hesitate recommending him to be the next addition to your team, a decision sure to make your pockets full and put your website on the right track.

Ed Sturrock
President & CoFounder –  AmeriCommerce

Brian has the analytical know-how and business savvy that makes him an indispensable part of any marketing team. Unlike many clients, Brian just gets the fact that in today's information-driven environment, you need to know the numbers, know what they mean, and make data-driven decisions based on them. I had the pleasure of working with Brian through development and launch of several new business units within […] which (in my personal opinion) are the future for that company.

Phil Mattia
Adwords Account Optimizer –  Google

I have found Jackie and his team to be efficient at getting the required projects done in a timely fashion and within budget. To add to that they always bring the quality of work a step or two above what was expected of conceived. I can always bring a project to them knowing that it will be executed and implemented properly.

Paul Ackley
Owner –  The Candyland Store

I've worked with Brian since 2008 and respect his knowledge in the ecommerce field as well as his expertise with AmeriCommerce.
He has helped drive many online stores to success on the AmeriCommerce platform. Brilliant and easy to work with. A great asset to anyone's ecommerce strategy and implementation team!

Manjula Higginbotham
Director of Sales & Marketing –  AmeriCommerce

Brian was one of the top 5% of marketing managers I worked with in almost 4 years at Google.
Brian possesses several strengths that are difficult to find: an analytical, data-driven mindset, deep critical thinking, and an intimate knowledge of Google's online marketing platform.
Brian's ability to quickly analyze data and make data-driven decisions holds partners accountable and makes him an asset to any marketing organization.

Nick Iyengar
Adwords Relationship Manager –  Google

I've been very pleased with the website work that Jackie and his team have performed for me.  They are very knowledgeable, prompt, and reasonably priced.  I highly recommend them!

Maggie Hanus
Soap Bartender –  A Wild Soap Bar